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Wafer featured on "Lëtzebuerger Journal"

It’s always great when we receive support from our home country!

After covering us back in December, Jeff Karier from the Lëtzebuerger Journal has been kind enough to write about us once again (in German) and name Wafer as one of the alternatives to Facebook Messenger!

Here is the English translation of what the journalist wrote about Wafer:

Wafer: The app created for iOS and Android by the Luxembourgish start-up Wafer Messenger follows an interesting approach: in order for you to send a message with Wafer, the receiver is not obliged to have the app installed. He or she receives a link to a web version of that conversation via SMS or any of the other supported messaging apps. In addition, you can combine text, sound, video, pictures, stickers and sketches in one single message and you can stay connected to each other by calling via Voice over IP. The messages can also be deleted at any time.

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