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Download another Messaging app; really?! Not another, but the last one.

In 2018, our choice of means and tools of communication is immense. According to multiple mobile user polls, most people use an average number of messaging apps varying from 4 to 20. We do this to fulfill the urgency of feeling present, concretely connected to our own piece of the world. We use them almost every day, each one for a different purpose. Every message we send to someone is a statement of our existence.

Let us stress something, here: the choice of the right app to chat with friends, family or coworkers is usually only arbitrary and is most of the time even a forced choice. We don’t really choose which messaging app would work best for our needs, we just download many of them in case one - or more - of our contacts are to be found on different platforms.

In fact, the majority of messaging apps out there erect their communicative structures in vertical silos which basically hinder any chance of sending messages to people outside of that app. Once in a vertical silo, you’re trapped in a monolithic system that only permits you to reach people who are themselves trapped in the same monolithic system. So, not only your right to choose what messaging application would work best for you is fictional, but even your perception of free communications is an illusion.

Your free communications are an illusion

Right now, users typically choose to use different messaging apps based on which features they need for a particular conversation. For business conversations, perhaps security is the biggest priority - so their messaging app choice reflects that. For a conversation with friends, perhaps it is creativity - so they choose a different app. For group messages, they need an app that everyone in the group already uses - so yet another app is used.

For those who like to get creative on their smartphones, there are other thousands of specific apps available. The most common issue with these is that you always have to save the awesome visual you have created on your phone first, and then send it to someone through one of those messaging apps you have. Hence you have to juggle from one app to another because none of the twenty you have installed on your phone offers you a creative, limitless and safe communicative place at once. What’s more, you even avoid using certain apps because they use your private data for their financial gain, while spamming you with a good dose of advertisements.

You’ve accepted this until today because you weren’t aware that there is a way to break definitively free from vertical silo apps. Your chance to embrace everything you’ve ever craved for in a messaging application at once is Wafer Messenger.

So you’re suggesting that I download another one… Why should I?

When we first created Wafer Messenger, we had it clear in our minds that our main focus would always be the empowerment of our users. As users of messaging applications ourselves, we were well aware of the traps of the vertical silo structure, as well as of the limitations in terms of creativity and privacy several other messaging apps pose, so we decided to build something completely different.

At Wafer Messenger we value and embrace our users’ creativity through our “Multilayering” feature, which allows you to add up to six different types of media into the same message. Whether you are a budding Picasso, the next Spike Lee, or simply a plain-text kind of person, we have you covered. We just don’t think you should have to settle for choosing just one form of creative expression, so you can build your messages in your image and likeness using whatever form of expression you prefer.

We free our users from the constraint of using multiple messaging apps to reach all of their contacts. Wafer Messenger is the first and only app to allow you to send messages to all of your contacts. Not “all of your contacts who currently have Wafer installed”... ALL of your contacts. Period. If you have their phone number, they can receive and reply to your Wafer message - even if they haven’t downloaded the app yet. No more juggling conversations across multiple apps. No vertical silos here.

Finally, and most importantly, we’ve built Wafer Messenger to be a respectful and safe digital space. We strongly believe that users deserve full respect of their privacy. You won’t find ads on Wafer, we don’t collect any user data, and anything you decide to delete is truly gone forever - not stored on a server somewhere!

In Wafer Messenger, you will find creativity, reach and privacy all at once. You will no longer need to bounce between applications to communicate again, you can now embrace your true communicative freedom.

Wafer may be the 21st messaging application you download on your smartphone, but it will be the last one. Why? Because on Wafer Messenger things are so different that you won’t see Wafer as just another messaging app anymore. By granting you the power over your personal communications extraordinary things happen. A change in the industry of messaging apps is here - one that allows people to explore freely the depths of their creativity, to overcome the boundaries of established user silos, and to feel safe while they’re doing it.

You drive the change

Throughout our first year of activity, feedback from our users have encouraged us to design a platform which could make them feel as we see them: the true rulers of their own communications.

Based on your feedback, we have been working on an upgraded redesign of the app to enhance user experience. The new user interface is slated to release in early December and will feature a sleeker look along with two new functions - Shoutouts and Surveys - that will make communications easier, faster, and smarter than ever.

‘Shoutouts’ will enable users to broadcast messages in a private chat to multiple contacts at the same time. ‘Surveys’ will enable you to ask the same question to as many contacts as you wish and receive all the answers, collected into a dedicated stream.

The new user interface and functionalities we are implementing all respond to one unified goal: providing Wafer Messenger users with a communication platform that puts their needs - and not their data - into the spotlight, making their use of messaging apps far less complicated and much more fun.

Curious about the upcoming update? Take a look at the video above where we tease you with the new UI.

Download Wafer Messenger for iOS and Android.

Team Wafer

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