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Press Kit

Updated as of June 13, 2018


About Our Company - One Soul with 3 Local Declinations


Wafer Inc. is the equity holding company behind "Wafer Messenger", and founded by Simone La Torre and Robert Llanes in January 2015 and incorporated in the State of Delaware, USA. Wafer has also developed a key presence in Luxembourg, through the IP holding and Tech R&D entity Wafer Engineering Sarl, and has a strong presence in India.


After many months spent drafting app ideas and creating the wireframe, not to mention creating a compelling business plan and an intriguing business plan, the two founders went looking for a Seed investment to help kickstart the Wafer Messenger initiative. After a couple of months, they found fertile ground in Luxembourg, where a group of international investors both institutional and private, felt that Wafer Messenger had the potential to bring the breath of freshness and innovation that the communication industry was waiting for. During the Seed round, Wafer Inc. collected EUR 140,000 and finally had the resources to build up its team of "Waferians".


A year and a half later, thanks to the incredible results of the beta test for Android, the team successfully closed a second round (post-Seed) of EUR 900,000, with the clear intention to release an iOS version of Wafer as well as perfecting Wafer for Android, and launch a series of marketing campaigns to distribute the platform around the world. 


Today the various Wafer offices count on 10 Waferians, responsible for managing Wafer Messenger for iOS, Android, web, and its overarching architecture, and tasked with executing the company's long-term strategy.


About Wafer Messenger – Endless Creativity. Limitless Reach. Absolute Privacy.


Wafer Messenger is the result of a thorough observation of the chat app market and its 3 fundamental weaknesses:

1 - Current chat apps significantly limit the user's creativity as they are predominantly text-based solutions.

2 - Current chat apps work in vertical and closed networks: they isolate their userbase. Whatever chat app one's using, that chat app only allows chatting with people who are on that same app.

3 - Current chat apps do not shy away from exploiting the most private info of their users for commercial purposes. 


As a consequence of the above considerations and of the fact that current chat apps were developed long ago, rendering them incapable to adapt to the challenges that the future will bring, we decided not to "reinvent the wheel", but rather to abandon the wheel and move on to "jet engines" through the creation of Wafer Messenger.


Wafer Messenger is a whole new communication platform revolving around 3 pillars:


1 - Endless Creativity: Wafer allows its users to integrate up to 6 types of media into a single message and seamlessly build upon previous conversations. This gives users the opportunity to create content impossible to replicate on any other mobile platform.

2 - Limitless Reach: Wafer allows its users to send messages to, and initiate calls with, all of their contacts. Even those who are not on Wafer (yet).

3 - Absolute Privacy: Wafer does not, and will never, perform any data mining on its users and extends the most stringent GDPR requirements to all users worldwide.


The Waferians started conceptualizing the app in February 2015 and by mid-October 2016 the app was ready for initial testing. While testing was successful there were still so many features to be added, so many innovative functions to be written and so many lines of code to optimize and perfect.


On October 24, 2016, the beta version of the app was deployed on the Google Play app store, which allowed large-scale tests and user experience optimization. Throughout the following months, Wafer Messenger was greatly enhanced in terms of features, performances, and security.


On June 23, 2017, the iOS version of the app was released for testing and the Android version was briefly put on pause. This allowed us to verify the iOS market response without any cross-platform contamination effect.


The app officially went live for both iOS and Android on September 13, 2017. In the first 6 months on the market, Wafer was downloaded over 600.000 times.


We are always happy to share our story, so please feel free to get in touch if you are interested in writing about us or learn more about the Wafer revolution!


Brand Guidelines

Name Reference to the Company

Any reference to the company Wafer Inc. in any texts or any graphics representing the name of the company is solely allowed if the full company name is reported.

In particular, “Wafer Inc.” or "Wafer Sarl" are the only allowed official references to the company, while “Wafer”, or “Wafer Incorporated”, or “Wafer Inc”, or “Wafer inc.”, or "Wafer sarl", or any variations of the above are not permitted and should not be used for any written article or official reference to either Wafer Inc. or Wafer Sarl.

Name Reference to the App

Any reference to the App Wafer Messenger in any texts or any graphics representing said name is solely allowed if the terms “Wafer Messenger” or “Wafer” are used.

Any variations of the above, such as “Wafer App”, or “wafer” or “wafer Message”, are not permitted and should not be used for any written article or official reference to Wafer Messenger.

Official Brand Colors

The official company colors are purple (RGB: 148, 55, 255), light blue (RGB: 0, 253, 255). black (RGB: 0, 0, 0), white (RGB: 255, 255 255), and grey (RGB: 192, 192, 192).

Purple and light blue are used individually and in a 50/50 balanced gradient pattern, while the purple is never used for the top portion of the colored area.

Official App Icon

Only the below icon is allowed and recognized by the company for any reference to the published app Wafer Messenger.

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