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What Halloween character are you?

Hi Waferians,

Halloween has arrived on Wafer Messenger! A bunch of Jack-o’-lanterns are waiting for you with a twisted smile on their mouths; a swarm of spiteful ghosts has suddenly appeared together with a coven of zombies, witches and vampires. You can find them all among the stickers and have fun creating the most awesome messages ever! But beware: Halloween stickers will only be available for a short period of time - next week, they will vanish as they never existed and nobody will believe your ghost stories anymore!

However, celebrations won’t stop. Halloween is also the time of year during which you can embrace your deepest and most secret personality to the fullest and overcome your fears.

At least once, it may have happened you caught yourself wondering about your spooky alter-ego. Are you more like a witch, or a vampire? Do you crave for a private shelter, or do you thrive on impossible challenges?

Take the Halloween personality test we have designed especially for you and find out your inner monster!

Download Wafer Messenger for iOS and Android.

Team Wafer.

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