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Frequently Asked Questions

Hello and welcome to the F.A.Q. page!

On this page we hope to answer any questions you may have and provide you with a better understanding of the dynamics behind Wafer.

Question:  Which operating systems are supported by Wafer? 


Answer: Wafer is available for both iOS (min. iOS 9.1) and Android (min. Android 4.1), reaching 97%+ of all smartphone users. However, thanks to Wafer providing you with "Limitless Reach", it is possible to reach out to your friends who do not have Wafer downloaded as well as those that have smartphones with other operating systems.

Question:  What sets Wafer apart?


Answer: We base ourselves on three revolutionary pillars: Endless Creativity, Limitless Reach and Absolute Privacy.


"Endless Creativity" allows you to create content impossible to replicate on any other mobile platform, by giving you the opportunity to combine up to 6 types of media in one single message - sketch, text, stickers, photo, video and audio.

"Limitless Reach" makes it possible for you to reach all of your contacts, even if they haven't downloaded Wafer yet. 

"Absolute Privacy" is a pledge we made, which we have honored since our inception in 2015 and will continue to honor in the future. We do not spy on you, we do not mine your data, we do not push ads.

Question:  Why do I need to give Wafer permission to access my contacts, during the registration process? 

Answer: Wafer is, first of all, a messaging app and, as such, it requires you to grant access to your contacts in order to start chatting with your friends. By allowing Wafer to access your contacts, you are enabling the app to cross-check the phone numbers in your phonebook with those in our database. This is necessary for the system to know who in your circle of friends is on Wafer and who isn't. This way the correct conversation tools can be activated for each of your contacts.

Rest assured that we will never share your contacts to any third party, nor will we reach out to them, Moreover we will never disclose any private information with anyone. To learn more, please visit our Terms or Service and Privacy Policy pages.

Question:  Does Wafer permanently archive and store all messages I send to my contacts via the app? 

Answer: No way! When you compose a message and you "swipe right" to send it to your friend(s) on Wafer, we upload your message onto our servers so that we can deliver it. However, as soon as your friend(s) receives your message, it is deleted from our servers. After all, we don't do any commercial data mining on your messages, so why would we need to store your messages?

Question:  How do I import my contacts into Wafer? 


Answer: During the registration process Wafer will request permission to access your contacts. After you give your consent, Wafer will automatically import your contacts, without you needing to take any other action.

In some rare cases, depending on specific phone settings, this automatic synchronization may not happen.

Should this be your case, you can try the following:

• If you initially denied Wafer access to your contacts, you can enable access by going to your phone's settings:

1. Go to Settings -> Privacy.

2. Tap Contacts.

3. Make sure Wafer is set to ON.

Question:  How do I add a new contact to Wafer? 

Answer: You can add new contacts to Wafer in two simple ways:

• Directly from within Wafer:

1. Open the Contacts tab in Wafer and tap on the "+" sign in the top right corner of the page.

2. Add the details of your new contact (do not forget to include the country code).

3. Tap on "Done" and start having fun with your new contact.

• By using the standard Contacts app of your smartphone:

1. Open your smartphone's Contacts app.

2. Save a new contact (do not forget to include the country code).

3. Your new contact will automatically be added to Wafer - just open the app and drop them a

Question:  If my smartphone breaks down and/or I have to change it, can I migrate my Wafer history onto the new device? 

Answer: No you can't, and we are proud of that! We respect your privacy and Wafer does not permanently archive your chat history; therefore when you switch to another smartphone, you will need to create a new Wafer account (even if you're using the same number you were using before). As a result, your previous chat history is no longer going to be accessible. It may be disheartening at first, but isn't it the price worth paying for the preservation of your privacy?

Question:  How do I delete my Wafer account? 

Answer: Deleting your account is a piece of cake. You simply access the settings tab in the app, then tap on your profile picture. There you tap on "Delete your Wafer Account". From that moment on your account will be deleted, and all of your account information will be removed from our system within a maximum of 24 hours.

Did you find what you were looking for? If not, please drop us a message at and we will do our very best to offer the required information or solution! 

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