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Wafer Messenger featured on MSN Brazil

Hi Waferians,

Wafer Messenger has been featured on MSN Brazil and other relevant tech-specialized websites, such as Diario Do Grande and Tec Mundo, which shared with their readers the outcomes of an interesting survey conducted on Wafer Messenger users in Brazil and published on their respective websites’ homepage as a topic feature.

Below you will find a complete the translation (Portuguese to English) for your enjoyment:

“One of the things that annoys people the most, while using messaging applications, is to be ignored. However, poor excuses for a late, or even no reply, might be all the more annoying. Still, this does not prevent anyone from using and abusing various reasons to cut conversations short.

Seven in ten people have heard from someone that the reason why they had been waiting for a message, that never arrived, was the end of their data plan. The second most common excuse is low battery, which 6 out of 10 people had to listen to. The data is from a survey Toluna Research Firm conducted on 1,000 people using Wafer Messenger.

Sleep often gets the blame for unanswered messages. The excuse "I was so tired that I simply fell asleep" was pointed out by 44.76% of respondents. Other excuses cited in the study are: "I wrote a response, but forgot to send it", with 29.25% of incidence; "I was driving" with 28.06%; and "I was afraid to use my cell phone in a public place", with 23.22%.

"My smartphone broke or was being repaired" appears with 27.57%, while 15.12% have heard that the message had been answered, but forwarded to someone else.

Among the most meaningless justifications, the winner is "I was doing some stuff", without any further explanation, which 43.77% of the respondents had to listen to. "My phone erased all the messages on its own" is the second most voted with 39.03%, while kids carry the blame for the 27.08% of ignored messages, with: "a kid in my house was playing with my phone."

"I deleted my messaging applications because I didn’t have space on my phone" has an incidence of 22.04%, and "I thought I would see you that day, so I thought we’d speak in person" appears with 20.06%.

Wafer Messenger introduced a tool that can help users not to be ignored. With the Knock function, users of the app can draw the attention of a person who is taking too long to reply. "Whether it's an important message or even a pointless conversation, most people find it annoying to have to wait a long time for an answer," says co-founder and CEO of the app, Simone La Torre.

"That's why we've created an app that lets you express your creativity and get in touch with all your friends, regardless of which messaging service you're using. In addition, we've also created a system that enables you to draw the attention of your contacts." For a lot of people, that is what's missing in popular chat apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Telegram.”

Team Wafer

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