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The Power of White Canvas - Embracing Creativity in your day-to-day Interactions

One of the first lessons you have learnt in life is: “you can interpret reality as you wish, as long as you do not cross the lines”. It is a rule you have inherited straight from kindergarten when you encountered printed drawings to color for the first time. The drawings mostly depicted pets and courtyard animals that used to receive a full, blazing makeover from your lively and creative children mind.

Your teacher, though, wanted you to color within the lines and your grades depended on that. It didn’t matter if you wanted to paint that rabbit bright pink or baby blue, the lesson to be learned had nothing to do with realistic representation of the world.

Gradually, those creative lines never get crossed, until they become part of us. Growing up, we start to understand the world by its boundaries and limitations, our own selves become defined by lines we - or others - cannot cross. We draw lines to separate good from evil, right from wrong, black from white. Within the lines we inhabit we feel at ease. As a matter of fact, coloring books are being sold to stressed out grown-ups in every bookstore and stationery shop as an antidote to fatigue and discomfort in life.

Coloring within the lines is for sure a relaxing hobby, but to what extent is it limiting your creativity? Is creativity something worth giving up in order to feel relaxed?

If you have ever tried to write or draw something, you’d be familiar with the feeling of electricity running across your fingertips at the precise moment you stare at a completely blank page. A deep sensation of confusion fills you up, for on the blank page there are no traces to follow, no lines to color within. Nobody is defining the outcome of that space, nobody is forcing you to yield to their thinking, you are the master of this space.

The blank canvas sends a very clear message to our brains: here you stand, without guidelines or restraints. Now it’s up to you. How will you express who you are and what your world looks like? Are you one of those creative minds that prefer sketching out your ideas? Or do you prefer to express yourself in words? The white canvas gives you the freedom to capture your thoughts in the way you wish to express them.

Color outside the lines. Who knows, you might like it!

Anytime you stare at a blank page, you are facing a challenge with your deepest self. And everytime you wield your artistic tool of choice (be it a pen, text editor, camera, etc.) against that white expanse of paper, you feel a bit like you’re conquering a foreign land. You will be hesitant while drawing the first line. But here marks a second edit, and a third. Before even noticing, you have been able to trace the contours of a whole new territory, a new character, a new story which was lingering in the back of your mind and is now alive on the page, just like those animals you drew when you were just a kid. Feels familiar, doesn’t it?

By the simple act of sketching or writing, you have questioned your preconceived certainties. You have successfully overcome your limits. Whenever something new was discovered or created, it was never done by someone who drew within the lines. We should thank Pythagoras and Aristotle for not drawing within the lines, or we might still be believing the earth is flat. Yes you ‘flat-earthers’, it’s not…

Although the world is studded with obstacles and limitations you should never be afraid to take your opportunity to be creative. All the more so, every creative act that you perform blurs the boundaries within which you were confined, and opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Maybe you won’t be the advocate for the next artistic Renaissance, nevertheless creativity is what makes you - well… you!

One of the main pillars at Wafer Messenger is Endless Creativity. Besides the fact that you can multi-layer different kind of media into one single message, it also means that while using Wafer Messenger you will have to face the endless whiteness of the blank page. We strongly believe that by not limiting the way you have to reply to a message, your creativity will run free and that will bring digital communication much closer to real life, spontaneous and personal interactions.

Our message editor resembles a canvas - actually, you also have a full palette of colors at your disposal - on the surface of which you can express your imagination in diverse ways. By sketching, taking pictures, adding stickers, adding audio files, text and even video in one message, you will be able to tell your own story, on your own terms.

At Wafer Messenger we take it even a step further. You won’t be constrained by the presence of text balloons. The entire chat is a white canvas for you to fill together with your friends and contacts, message after message. See the bigger picture: that one message you were about to send has just become part of a bigger masterpiece, skilfully designed by you and your friends piece after piece. The white canvas enables you to make one message flow into the other, or to build upon previous messages and create something very special with your chat-partner.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to draw your own lines and make sure that you don’t color within those ones that have been defining your communications so far.

On Wafer Messenger there’s no coloring inside the lines. No filling in the gaps. Just you, embracing the power of the white canvas to define who you want to be.

Be creative. Be the hero of your own story.

Team Wafer

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