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Wafer Messenger featured on TechTudo

Hi Waferians,

We have been reviewed by TechTudo, one of the most popular and reputable tech websites in Brazil.

Wafer Messenger scored 8.3 on a scale of 10 and got 10/10 for performance and functionality!

The experts at TechTudo were particularly impressed by our Limitless Reach, as you can read in a quotation from the review here:

“One of the main functions of Wafer Messenger is undoubtedly the possibility to send messages to friends without them needing to download the app as well. In this case, the user can set up the chat in all supported formats and send a link to the smartphone list contact through Facebook Messenger or Whatsapp. This URL will open a web page with full chat.”

TechTudo pointed out that there is room for improvement in the app’s design and translations. We are happy to let you know that these are some of the points we were already working on. So, sit tight because an even better version of Wafer Messenger is on its way!

We would like to thank TechTudo for the in depth testing and feedback they gave to the Wafer Messenger team. It is thanks to this kind of feedbacks that we are able to continuously improve the Wafer user experience for a global user base.

Read the whole review in Portugese here.

Team Wafer

Wafer on TechTudo

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