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Enacting Change at the Speed of Sound: Wafer 1.4.7

Hi Waferians,

Our newest release of Wafer Messenger is out for both iOS and Android. The core of the 1.4.7 is creativity at its loudest!

From now on, you’ll be able to jazz up your conversations with live sound effects and further customize your Wafer user’s profile.

As always it’s you who lay down the rules, just remember to tune in to your inner vibrations and be creative without limits!

Sometimes, inspiration from past technologies can help us achieve the greatest progress. Wafer 1.4.7 supports new tools with a vintage vibe chiefly designed to enliven your chats.


Looking back with nostalgia at the way we used to reach out to people some years ago, we at Wafer Messenger have been struck with the pleasant memory of live chat sounds. You know, when you wanted to make an entrance in a conversation with your friends and announced yourself with the regal sound of triumphant trumpets or a resounding burp? Sound effects were a massive feature of old-school messaging platforms. Now we have revamped that technology and added funny sounds and noises to Wafer’s one-to-one chat screen. Hence, when you and your friends are both online and enjoying your virtual time together on Wafer Messenger, the sound effects you’re exchanging will play simultaneously on both your smartphones.

In this new version we’ve also introduced the possibility to update your in-app status: tell your friends and family what you’re up to with a message everybody can see on your profile page.

(Continue reading below the video)


If you use Wafer Messenger on an Android device, you will be one of the firsts to customize your experience on Wafer even more thanks to live camera filters and free-hand cropping features! No worries if you’re not a camera pro: the pictures you share with your friends on Wafer will always look great and unique.

But this is just a sneak peak from what you can expect in the near future. We won’t reveal more than that until the official feature for both iOS and Android will be released. In the meantime, take a lot of pictures and edit them according to your own creativity and if there is anything you wish to share about your experience with us, please do so using: or reaching out to any of our social pages.

Wafer Messenger 1.4.7 also includes a series of bug fixes and improvements.

Waferians all around the world, make yourselves heard!

Download Wafer Messenger for iOS and Android.

Team Wafer

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