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Invisibility is a superpower - Wafer Messenger update 1.4.8

Hi Waferians,

The newest release of Wafer Messenger is out today for both iOS and Android!

1.4.8 introduces some handy features for your privacy.

Wafer Messenger is all about you having fun with your friends within your own rules. Our latest released version draws the boundaries of your digital realm even further with the new “Make me Invisible” and “Block” features, available directly from the profile page of any of your contacts, whether they are on Wafer Messenger or not.

We know you are extremely popular and enjoy your popularity most of the time, but did you ever just want to discreetly quiet some messages or notifications from certain individuals you are connected with?

With the “Make me Invisible” feature in Wafer Messenger you will be able to vanish into thin air like the most powerful of wizards - no worries, you won’t need to cast any unpronounceable spell for this.

“Make me Invisible” allows you to hide your online status from the sight of the contact you want to become invisible to. That person won’t be able to tell whether you are using Wafer Messenger with some other people or reading previous messages. You won’t feel the pressure of answering just because you are online - so you will have no unwanted attention or embarrassing inconveniences during meetings that may not be so appropriate for work.

Should “Make me Invisible” not be enough, we have also introduced the “Block” feature. This basically hinders the contact you’ve selected from calling or messaging you. The best part of it is that the person concerned won’t ever know you’ve blocked him/her! It will just look like you are not aware of his/her messages.

Wafer Messenger 1.4.8 has also significantly improved the dynamics of Wafer Free Calls and of chat flow management.

Thanks for being a Waferian! As you probably know we’re constantly working to improve your fun and capabilities with Wafer Messenger. We have some big changes coming up and we are sure you’ll like what is coming. Stay tuned!

Download Wafer Messenger for iOS and Android.

Team Wafer.

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