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PRESS RELEASE: Enacting change at the speed of sound. Wafer Messenger releases 1.4.7 update.

ENACTING CHANGE AT THE SPEED OF SOUND - Wafer Messenger releases its newest update.

Update 1.4.7 Includes following changes:

  • Sound effects for the one-to-one chat;

  • In-app Status update;

  • Live Camera Filters (in beta for Android devices only);

  • Bug fixes and Improvements.

Wafer Messenger has announced the release of its latest version - 1.4.7- for both iOS and Android.

Available since August 11th, this brand new version of Wafer Messenger includes an entirely new set of features that are mostly focused on creativity. The new functions are designed to boost up conversations beyond the known universe of other messaging apps.

The freshly released innovations will enable users to send to their friends funny in-chat sound effects. An In-app Status feature has also been included in this new version. The In-app Status feature has been devised specially to evoke classic chats of the past, hence it will be exclusively textual. Inspiration for these two features has come from old-school messaging platforms, allowing users to add to their conversations and personal profile that wistful flavour they were missing.

To provide Wafer users with the most entertaining and fun experience possible, sound effects will only work in one-to-one chats and will only occur when both the participants are online.

Android users will also benefit from the new BETA Live Camera Filters feature, which will provide additional fun creativity tools allowing further personalization of one’s experience on Wafer Messenger.

The official release of the Live Camera Filters feature will occur at the same time for Android and iOS in the upcoming weeks.

The focus of this release is all about creativity.

Co-founder and CEO Simone La Torre says:

”Wafer Messenger users are incredibly creative in how they mash medias in Wafer so they will appreciate the new features that give even more personalization to the platform”.

Since its foundation in 2015 and its launch in 2017, Wafer Messenger has always revolved around three main pillars that set it apart from the more than 1000 instant messaging apps already in existence:

  • Endless Creativity that enables users to put together up to six types of media in the same message;

  • Limitless Reach that allows users to start conversations with any of their contacts, regardless of their having the app already installed on their smartphones;

  • and Absolute Privacy that grants users total safety from data mining and ad pushing.



For press enquiries please contact

Wafer Messenger is available for both iOS and Android.

About Wafer:

Wafer is an international startup with headquarters in Luxembourg, and offices in the United States and India. The company officially launched its Wafer Messenger in September 2017 after successfully raising more than €1,000,000. Wafer Messenger is already installed on several hundreds of thousands of smartphones worldwide and the team works constantly to release new features at a very fast pace. Co-founder and chief executive Simone La Torre was born and raised in Italy, where he got a Masters degree in Space Engineering before earning a second Masters in Business Management in France. He has lived and worked in the Netherlands, China, the USA, and Luxembourg. Partner co-founder and chief operating officer Rob Llanes was raised in the USA, where he has a Masters degree in Engineering Management from Northwestern University and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Illinois. He has lived and worked in the United Kingdom, Luxembourg, and various cities within the USA.

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