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Wafer featured on Tudo Celular

We’re delighted to announce that Wafer Messenger has once again been featured on the incredibly popular Brazilian tech site Tudo Celular!

The title reads: “Study reveals that Brazilians have already lost parties, flights and even ‘love nights’ due to unread messages”. The answer? Wafer Messenger’s "Limitless Reach" and "Knocking Feature" of course!

You can find the article (in Portuguese) here and the translation below

Special thanks to Fernando Barbosa for covering us!

Study reveals that Brazilians have missed parties, flights and the chance at love due to unread messages

While a recent survey has indicated that our brains are wired to continuously check our phones for new notifications, a new study from Brazil states that almost 97% of people have missed important events because they missed a message. This however doesn’t necessarily contradict the aforementioned survey, as this statistic can be explained by the large number of messaging apps in people’s smartphones.

Among the events missed are parties, flights and even “nights of passion”. Moreover, the study shows that 39% of those interviewed missed the chance to meet up with friends, 29% missed a party and 7% missed a wedding.

Wafer Messenger, the brand new messaging app out of Luxembourg might be the answer to this problem. The app first of all gives you the opportunity to reach all your contacts in your phone, regardless if they have Wafer or not. This makes it much easier to get in touch with people as you don't have to worry about which messaging app they might have. Second, the app has a ‘knocking’ function, which can be sent by impatient users so that the recipients receive notification of the importance of the previous message sent.

“We know that in this age of cross-platform messaging, it's getting easier to miss an important message or invitation” says Simone La Torre, CEO of Wafer Messenger. “And this isn’t only a problem in Brazil. That’s why at Wafer we created a unique application that not only lets you be incredibly creative, but also allows you to contact all of your friends, regardless of what messaging services they are already using — be it Facebook Messenger, Snapchat or WhatsApp. To put the icing on the cake we have created a knocking feature that ensures users never miss an important event again.”

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