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Wafer announces a whole new chat flow interface

Wafer Messenger Rebranding: Introducing the new User Interface

Following the introduction of our new logo, colours and gradient - we are delighted to announce that our newly redesigned user interface is now available for both iOS and Android. Similar to the logo, the new UI’s emphasis lies on providing a minimalistic canvas for the user’s creative rule over their messages. Furthermore, Wafer is honored to give you enhanced tools that allow you to have better creative expression and limitless reach in your communications.

Simplicity and Creativity

At Wafer, we’re always looking to improve our communications platform to give you the best messaging experience possible. With our latest update, we made the chat stream simpler and more organized. We have introduced clean breaks between your messages and provide numerous shortcut buttons that will help you streamline your communications.

However this does not mean we are conforming to the standards set by other messaging apps. In fact, we’re distancing ourselves even further from the typical messaging platform. We are moving away from the use of chat bubbles and will not be pushing you to rely primarily on texts to communicate. With Wafer, all six types of media are on equal footing, giving you the power to shape your communications with friends and family in any way you want. We will of course continue our promise to offer you a free app that respects and protects your privacy at all costs.

Looking toward the future

With this update, we are moving towards the look and feel that will give you the inspiration to create conversations unique to your thoughts. The new design also moves Wafer towards the vision we have in mind for the future. Indeed, our rebranding process is not yet complete. We will now be turning our focus on perfecting and polishing a number of in-app details while also setting our sights on bringing out original and groundbreaking features for you to enjoy.

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