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Wafer Messenger Rebranding: New Logo, New Colors. Same Identity, Same Mission.

In a fast evolving market like the mobile app industry, it is vital to set and stay on top of the current trends in order to stay competitive. To do so, it only seemed natural for us to make some changes that will adequately reflect our credentials.

Our objective has always been simple and will stay the same: bringing value to the smartphone user. While our name, identity and mission remains, our look does not. We are delighted to introduce you to Wafer’s new logo and colours!

When you use Wafer, you set the rules.

Ever since our launch in September 2017, we have continuously demonstrated that Wafer is not like any other chat app on the market. Our new logo reflects just that. Instead of the standard chat bubble, we have chosen to include only the beginning of one, which seamlessly evolves into the shape of a crown. In turn, the crown’s extremities form the letter W, ensuring that Wafer remains recognizable.

The crown’s meaning is simple: when you use Wafer, you set the rules.

Your rule extends across all platforms by having the ability to reach all your contacts for free, even if they don’t have Wafer installed.

You are unique. With Wafer you can be endlessly creative by combining up to six types of media in one message. You can create content impossible to replicate on any other mobile platform.

You are protected. We continuously ensure that your privacy is always fully safeguarded. We do not exploit your private conversations for any marketing or commercial means. No one, not even our very own team can access your messages. If you delete your message, it will be deleted for all participants as well as the servers.

The Colors

While we are moving away form the original purple and pink gradient, we will be retaining some of our famous “Wafer purple”. Purple and light blue now become our main colors. The Wafer purple flawlessly ascends into a bright blue, which brings you a more elegant, balanced and accessible color pattern.

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