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Great results for Wafer on the App Store

Today has been a great day for Team Wafer.

Fact, we have the privilege to celebrate not one, but two major achievements:

-Wafer in the Top 3 in Italy in the Lifestyle category on the App Store


-Wafer in the Top 5 in UK in the Overall chart on the App Store

These are the achievements that make us proud of our work and grateful for the awesome support that you all are giving us, by not only welcoming Wafer on your smartphones, but also by making it part of your daily routines.

We officially launched Wafer on September 13, 2017... that is exactly 3 days ago... therefore we could not be more excited for this achievement and we can only hope that this "joyful streak" is going to continue and gain a never-ending momentum.

On our side, we know that if we want this to continue, we ought to listen to your feedback and comments, perfect our features and release more and more unique functionalities, seek for ultimate architecture stability and speed, aim for fun and security, and keep respecting the community of fans that is rapidly growing around Wafer Messenger.

To many of these days with you all,

Team Wafer

Get Wafer for iOS for free here.

Get Wafer for Android for free here.

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