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Welcome to the World of Wafer!

We at Wafer Inc. aim to change the way we all communicate, through the soon to be launched Wafer Messenger (“Wafer”).

Wafer is a communication hub and is designed to get rid of all limits typical of current messaging platforms.

This revolutionary app is designed around three simple and yet game-changing features:

  • experience better-than-real-life conversations thanks to the ability to create messages that can be shaped to what users truly have in mind;

  • guarantees 100% reach from day one, being the first app ever created to allow its users to entertain conversation with all their friends and contacts, even those who are not on Wafer;

  • boosts its users’ social influence, being the only messaging platform capable of sharing content on multiple social networks at once, so users can focus only on what really matters.

Thanks to Wafer, the days of downloading a chat app and not finding any friends is over…

Thanks to Wafer, the days of asking “Hey, are you on <Any Chat App>?” are just going to be an unpleasant memory…

With Wafer there is no need to invite anyone to install it before being able to communicate. There is no need to cross your fingers, hoping to find your friends are active users.

In one sentence, there is no need to limit the reach of your creativity.

Yes, there are many large chat apps already on the market – ranging from a few thousand to over a billion users – but none can compete with the versatility or reach of Wafer Messenger.

What makes a chat app great is not the number of monthly active users but, rather, the number of friends it is capable of interconnecting – and Wafer is the only chat app on the planet that connects anyone with everyone from day one, without any limit of platform or distance.

We are the team behind Wafer and we self-identify as the “Waferians”. We were fortunate to close a successful seed investment round and we are getting ready for our beta launch in 2016, releasing it for free on all iOS and Android devices everywhere in the world.

We recognize that what the current chat apps lack is freedom – the freedom to connect with whomever, wherever, and however we choose… but rest assured that we are going to change this reality.

Choose Wafer. Choose to be limitless.

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