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Wafer Ambassador's Program

The Ambassador program was created to develop a symbiont relationship between an Ambassador's network and Wafer Messenger's audience. The program is structured to spark collaborative initiatives with Artists and Influencers.

Check below to see if you fit into any of the two categories, and let us know; we'd like to talk.


You are a top notch graphic designer with a proven track record of successful works, you are selling your designs in your own e-commerce store, and you want to boost your sales/traffic/portfolio and improve your online reputation.

Wafer offers you a dedicated Signature's Collection store page, directly in the app, right in the hands of hundreds of thousands of people, for you to fill in with your own personal content and your signature.

You should use your best skills to design appealing stickers and send them to us at


We seek exclusive designs, but most of all we seek the very best artists, so that together we can offer the most appealing designs to an incredible ever-growing audience of enthusiastic fans.

Once your stickers will be accepted, we will put them on display in the Wafer Messenger app, for the entire world to use them in their conversations for free. However, to the benefit of the artist, the sticker package will carry your very own signature and a clear "Discover +" button leading to your e-commerce store. This user interface aims at driving significant traffic to your store, to ultimately boost your sales.

Wafer "Discover +" works like an affiliate link and, as such, any lead generated through that link would follow a revenue split attribution model, with a portion of gross revenue going to you, the artist, and another portion going to Wafer, the lead generator platform.

Requirements for sticker package submission:

You should send us a .zip archive with a minimum of 24 stickers (up to 96 stickers maximum). Each sticker should be in .png format with transparent background, and provided in both 100x100 px and 300x300 px. Stickers can either be cartoon-styled or photo-realistic designs. You must own the sticker designs and all rights to distribute and sell those stickers commercially. We reserve all rights to select only the sticker packages that best fit with our audience and that are not crafted around offensive, racist, violent, or sexual concepts/contents/ideologies.


You are a skilled and inspiring influencer who curates content on your social pages, blog, and websites. You also have a considerable sized following (minimum of 10k followers). In addition, you are interested in discretely making affiliate income by sharing a link to invite your audience to download a free application.  

As a Wafer Affiliate Influencer you would use your best skills, and the echoing potential of your audience, to accelerate the distribution of Wafer Messenger.  This is accomplished by inviting your audience to download Wafer by clicking through a dedicated affiliate link that we will be creating just for you.

Wafer offers you the opportunity to earn money when your followers download Wafer and successfully complete the registration process.

So, if you are a great influencer and have a strong appeal on your follower base, get in touch with us at

Terms of affiliate income per download are based the strength of the influencer network.  Of course no violent, sexually explicit, racist, or offensive content is accepted. 

It is our true honor to recognize the below Wafer users as OFFICIAL WAFER INFLUENCERS, for having successfully completed our in-app challenge for Android in 2017 and for being instrumental to the early success of Wafer Messenger.

Thank you for being awesome!


Only those Influencers who provided the totality of the requested information (apart from the optional Twitter handle) are hereby listed, as per challenge requirement. 

Rukhsar P.   -   India

Abdesh   -   India

Saima   -   Pakistan

Prakash B.   -   India

Amrit P.   -   India

Ali S. K.   -   @alishoukatkhan   -   Pakistan

Milind R.   -   India

Ashish B.   -   @ashish_daas   -   India

Shyam P.   -   India

Sardar Q. A. K.   -   @jani   -   Pakistan

Phillemon N.   -   Zimbabwe

Laouamri S.   -   Algeria

Hafiz F. A.   -   @fawad38476026   -   Pakistan

Jaspreet S.   -   India

Syed S. M.   -   @shafqat   -   Pakistan

Abuchi   -   Rwanda

Sania S.   -   Pakistan

Karunakar R.   -   India

Ajay J.   -   India

Imran K.   -   India

Birju P.   -   India

Rahul   -   India

Fulkumar R.   -   India

Mohammad S.   -   India

Soumen B.   -   India

Amit G.   -   India

Govind K.   -   India

Zaffar A.   -   Pakistan

Sadil H.   -   @sadil   -   Bangladesh

Kishor K.   -   India

Mudathir M. J.   -   Tanzania

Marina   -   @z101   -   Serbia

Amelia M.   -   Liberia

Pratima K.   -   India

Abdul G.   -   India

Dhanraj S. G.   -   India

Hemant M.   -   India

Hariom G.   -   India

Aman S.   -   India

Sanjay K. S.   -   India

Irshad B.   -   India

Abul K. A.   -   India

Mothe J.   -   India

Sonu M.   -   India

Anil   -   India

Pardeep K. B.   -   @electarical   -   India

Hafiz A.   -   Pakistan

Syeda M. A.   -   @maheen9211111   -   Pakistan

Aman S.   -   India

Maulik C.   -   India

Mehdi H.   -   India

Vaibhav N.   -   India

Sheikh A. A.   -   India

Praveen K. N.   -   India

Mak S.   -   @maksen87   -   India

Pravat K. S.   -   India

Ashadul I.   -   India

Muhammad I.   -   Pakistan

Saad U. K.   -   Pakistan

Muhammad F.   -   Pakistan

Bikas P.   -   India

Danish H.   -   Pakistan

Varsat T.   -   India

Abhitaush K.   -   India

Manoj K.   -   India

Deepak K. A.   -   India

Naveen K.   -   @naveenkumar   -   India

Ranchod K. P.   -   India

Aarya S.   -   @prachuaadi   -   Nepal

Bhagat S.   -   India

Hitendrabhai P.   -   India

Abhishek T.   -   India

Adnan A.   -   Pakistan

Kamlesh K.   -   India

Rana A.   -   India

Mohammad A.   -   India

Tarun T.   -   India

Dildar H.   -   India

Nishank B.   -   India

Sagar S.   -   India

Dylan K.   -   Cameroon

Prashanth Y.   -   India

Raj K.   -   India

Mohammad W.   -   Pakistan

Adulewa S.   -   Nigeria

Wisly B.   -   Kenya

Naseer A.   -   Pakistan

Tchenke N. N. C.   -   Cameroon

Iqbal G.   -   Pakistan

Ana Carolina M. G.   -   Brazil

Sasi K.   -   India

Suresh G.   -   India

Bhall R.   -   India

Guilherme R.   -   @Sadness_man0   -   Brazil

Pavan K.   -   India

Suraj N.   -   @surajnaik89   -   India

Washim K.   -   India

Chaabi R.   -   @chaabirabie   -   Morocco

Vaibhav M. S.   -   India

Premnath B.   -   India

Debraj M.   -   India

Sam C.   -   India

Mohit N.   -   India

Joesafe K.   -   Kenya

Prateek R.   -   India

Sourav S.   -   India

Abdul M.   -   India

Gyan B.   -   @gyanbhartip   -   India

Pawan K. S.   -   India

Menakanta M.   -   India

Tijoy M.   -   India

Karan K.   -   aap_jalandhar   -   India

Ashif A.   -   India

Roshan S.   -   India

Nitesh K. S.   -   India

Abhishek A.   -   India

Sheikh S.   -   Pakistan

Punit I. J.   -   India

Gangaram R.   -   India

Wallace O.   -   Brazil

Ritesh S.   -   India

Anuj Y.   -   India

Mizanur M.   -   India

Kamil K.   -   Pakistan

Carlos D. M. L.   -   Guatemala

Kanhaiya L. J.   -   India

Rupesh K. G.   -   India

Gopal P.   -  India

Danish R.   -   Pakistan

Sunil K.   -   India

Christopher F. S.   -   Liberia

Osman Ö.   -   Turkey

Bhupendra S.   -   Bhupend47090531   -   India

Makwana A.   -   India

Abdus S.   -   India

Luv C.   -   India

Vikram S.   -   India

Sandeep C.   -   India

Subash K. S.   -   Nepal

Balbir S.   -   India

Sohel A. K.   -   India

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