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Wafer Free Call goes live

Exciting news from the Wafer team!

With the official publishing of Wafer v. 1.3.0, Wafer Messenger is ready to announce its latest groundbreaking feature: Wafer Free Call.

All Wafer users can now call everyone in their contact book for free! This revolutionary feature allows our users to call those who use a different smartphone platform AS WELL AS THOSE WHO HAVE NOT DOWNLOADED THE APP YET! This means that an iOS user who has Wafer can now call an Android user who has not yet downloaded the app for free. You can even reach your contacts on their desktop or through their email, seamlessly initiating a smooth free call! No other chat apps on the market are doing this.

Moreover, Wafer’s Free Call does not compromise call quality. Voices come through with exceptional clarity.

We believe that this release marks a giant leap in the advancement and development of smartphone messaging platforms as well as the continuation of the Wafer revolution, always putting our users at the very core of our actions.

Wafer Free Call is available on the Google Play and Apple iTunes App stores. No Wafer user will be required to pay for call fees again.

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